Hope Springs to Life


(Who We Are)
(Psalm 33:20-22, Isaiah 40:31, 2 Cor 4:16-18, Luke 15:11-32)
HSCC exists to lead people into eternal hope through a relationship with Jesus.


(Where We Are Going)
(John 3:3, 1 Cor 3:9, 2 Cor 3:18) 

Become the epicenter of hope in our community. Lead people to salvation, transformed lives and to live on purpose as co-laborers in God’s kingdom.   


(What We Will Do To Get There)
(John 15:1-8, Isaiah 56:7, Matthew 21:13, Matthew 28:19, Mark 2:17, Luke 15:20)   

Reflect upon God’s Word through study and prayer, by growing discipleship bands that lead people to live out God’s Word personally and in accountability.

Release disciples who make disciples, by equipping the saints for works of service and empowering them to live out their calling.

Relate to the lost and guide them to relate to Jesus, by engaging in partnerships with local schools, families and community partners. 


Christ Community Church Connection

Hope Springs Community Church is a church plant of Christ Community Church. Summer of 2017 the lead pastor of HSCC and his wife felt the beginning of a call to the Southeast area of Columbus Georgia to advance God’s kingdom. After a season of prayer, testing and affirmation, Christ Community church is sending the planting family along with a launch team and resources to plant Hope Springs Community Church as a church plant that has its own leadership structure and works within a resource and accountability connection with Christ Community Church.


(How, In What Character, We Will Get There)
(Matthew 18:10-14, John 17:20-23, 1 Cor 14:33; 1 Cor. 12:4-6; Gal. 3:28; Titus 3:9)



Every person is a leader, and for us that means a leader in God’s kingdom. Each person takes extreme ownership of their relationship with Jesus and their role of advancing God’s kingdom through and within HSCC.

Engage the “1”  
God’s heart is for the one sheep that has strayed…. that is not at home. We will commit to have an evangelistic focus.

Develop Meaningful Community
We believe in the importance of intentional community both in the larger gathering and small groups. We will engage in meaningful community.

Grow a Healthy Structure   
Our systems and resources will serve the purpose and mission and act as a means to reach people but not come before people.        

Unity in Diversity

Because God unites us in the essentials, we can celebrate diversity in the non-essentials.
Demonstrated by … maintaining a shared loyalty to Jesus Christ, our mission, and our core beliefs, while promoting a diversity of spiritual gifts, and racial, social, and spiritual backgrounds.

Hope Springs To Life

Our purpose is to lead people into eternal hope through a relationship with Jesus.

Sundays at 11:00 a.m.

Thursdays at 5:00 p.m.


4442 Buena Vista Road
Columbus, GA 31907

Phone: 706-615-6767
Email: Brandon@ccclive.org